Thursday, November 8, 2018

Our New-To-Us Reclining Chair Is Everything That We've Been Looking For

A couple of years ago, we bought a new sofa. We had shopped around for quite a bit. We knew what we wanted and needed. In the Spring of 2016, a model that we had been looking at went on sale. Score! We went a tiny bit over budget, but to this day, our sofa looks brand new. It's comfortable, sturdy, and our entire family can snuggle comfortably on it.

Since the purchase of our sofa, Lisa has joked around about getting a reclining chair with the same quality and make. 

The only spot in our living room that we had space for a reclining chair is where the wooden rocking chair was.

We both love the charm of old wooden rocking chairs, however, they're not comfortable. Not once has our kids jumped on the rocking chair to lounge or nap. We tried putting a cushion and blankets on the chair, They weren't interested.

Since this Summer I've been pricing reclining chairs and waiting for the big sales.

I've had a vision of a big, sturdy, cushiony reclining chair. 

No bells and whistles needed.

We don't need a charging station, an electronic reclining system, drink holders, or arm cushions with storage units. 

So far, nothing that has piqued my interest.

We're certainly not going to fork out over $500 on a whim for something-we-don't-really-want.

Yesterday, a good friend of ours that Lisa works with posted a photo of a reclining chair that she was putting out for anyone who wanted it.

It was everything we have been looking for.

She's a beauty.

Within 10 minutes, Lisa was on the phone with our dear friend.

Lisa was ready to go and pick it up, but our friend and her awesome hubs volunteered to deliver it to us today.

It was uncertain that the reclining chair would fit into our vehicle.

They have a pickup truck and were more than willing to bring it over today.

That happened around 4:30 today.

I had a gorgeous loaf of homemade pumpkin bread ready for them.

And, I told our friend not to pack lunch tomorrow. I was going to send Lisa to work with lunch for her.

Lots of hugs, conversation, and a few laughs.

We absolutely love and adore our sweet friend and her hubs. Such good people with big hearts and they're full of life and positive energy. Simple and down to earth.

Now, we have our reclining chair.

It's what we've been wanting.

Sure, it's second-hand, but it's perfect for us.

Our kids absolutely love it. We've gotten the paws up of approval from all of them.

We love it too.

It fits into the theme of our home...

Our home is filled with treasures we've found at flea markets. Items that we've picked up at yard sales and repurposed. Family heirlooms. Antiques. Vintage pieces that people have given us.

To us, that's true beauty.

Not everything has to be brand new and sparkly.

Our new-to-us reclining chair has a history because it has resided in the home of people we love and adore.

Now, we're going to add to that history.

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