Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Everyday Moments Act As A Barrier To The Darkness

As a Work at Home Dog Mom, there are so many tiny treasured moments that I will continue to embrace every single day when it comes to our kids. These moments serve as a barrier of sorts. All 4 of our kids are rescues. Lisa and I are well aware of the environment they were rescued from. For a couple of our kids, we've seen the gruesome photos. The photos and stories will continue to haunt us. They're not something you forget. Ever.

To give you a better idea of what this is like, I'll use my ex as an example. She loved horror movies. Not the silly, unrealistic horror movies like Nightmare on Elm Street or Halloween. She loved the horror movies that were either based on true stories or the ones that mess you up psychologically because you know that twisted shit really happens.

Hostel. Saw. The Exorcism of Emily Rose. The (new) Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The Devil's Rejects. House of 1000 Corpses. Etc.

I don't like movies like that.

Unfortunately, while my ex and I were renovating her family home that we took over, my desk was in the living room. My ex watched these types of movies incessantly.

When you're subjected to those types of disturbing movies, they're not something you forget.

The same holds true for knowing the situations your rescue kids were rescued from. And, the photos.

This is why I savor each and every moment throughout the day that acts as a barrier. Every. Single. Day.

Those moments include, but are not limited to...

1. Watching and listening to our kids eat their meals with gusto. They all make an adorable slurping noise. Occasionally, while chewing, they'll look up at us. They all know that they'll get 2 full, hearty, nutritious meals per day prepared by us.

2. Watching and listening to our kids when they drink fresh water from the many water bowls throughout our home. Again, the slurping noise. Once in a while, they'll pause, look at us and then go back to drinking their water.

3. Covering our kids up with their favorite blankets throughout the day and evening when they nap or it's bedtime. There is no shortage of soft, warm throw blankets throughout our home. On the sofa. On our bed. On their DIY Doggy Beds. The indoor DIY Dog House that Lisa built. They're everywhere!

4. The smiles on their faces when they're napping all cozy and safe and loved. Refer to the photo at the top of this blog column. They're so content and happy when napping. They know they'll never be cold again.

5. Their excitement when it's snack time. Our kids get 4 snack times between meals. When one of us says, "It's snackyyyyyyyyyyy time," they get excited.

6. Chew bones and toys. We have 4 DIY Doggy Toy Boxes between the living room and home office. They're filled with chew bones and toys. Every night, I pick up their toys and put them back in the toy boxes. By the following evening, most of them are scattered on all of the floors. Needless to say, there is a lot of playtimes both indoors and outdoors in this home.

7. Their love and trust for us. They love us. They love each other. They love their home. All of that is obvious in their daily activities, meals, treats, and their routine.

8. Stuck like glue. Our kids are stuck to us like glue. If I'm working from the kitchen table, they're close by. If I'm in the workshop, they're all in there with me. When we sit on the sofa, all 4 kids are right there. 

All of this, and then some, are my happy moments throughout the day. They block the stories and images of the situations they were rescued from.

Because those stories and photos are burned into our brains.

No, we will never forget.

But, we choose to focus on the here and now.

These everyday moments help us to do just that.

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