Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Our Intentions Will Always Be Genuine. We Have No Desire To Be Crappy Humans.

Lisa and I talk quite a bit. These discussions may not be in big chunks. But, when we're able to have personal discussions, they're pieced together. Bit by bit by bit. These pieces are strewn together from texts, short social media chats, brief phone chats, and emails

Back in 2010 and mid-way through 2011, we learned how to do just that. It was crucial. Necessary.

In the here and now, and after a couple of work promotions, our family has gotten bigger, there have been changes in my schedule, Lisa's schedule, and we've made a considerable amount of changes in our combined schedules.

We continue to white-knuckle the fine art of keeping in touch in small fragments.

I'm a Work at Home Dog Mom.

Lisa works outside of the home.

Our line of communication is scattered. Far and few between.

This is when we rely solely on technology.

Texts. Emails. Photos.

Throughout this time, we've shared the good. The not so good. What has inspired us. What has not inspired us. The trials and tribulations. What has pissed us off. What has encouraged us to do more. Bigger. Better.

Amid all of this...

We have lived. Learned. Become wiser.

Because our intentions will always be genuine. What we do for others is always unconditional.

Sure, we've been burned time and time again over the years by shitty humans, we have no desire to return that darkness to those who have doled it out.

That's total greatness right there.

That greatness may spread to hard lessons learned. Perspective. Contribute to goals not reached. Roadblocks. Hurdles. Moments when we've needed to collect ourselves. Get up. Dust ourselves off.


They've all been necessary.

To grow. Learn. Become wiser.

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