Tuesday, October 2, 2018

As A Work At Home Dog Mom, I Received One Of The Best Compliments Today

Prior to our Big Bodacious Painting Project in May, all of our walls were a dull white. To add a pop of color, we bought maroon curtains for the 2 kitchen windows. In May, we painted the kitchen walls a light honey color. And, we gave all of the kitchen cupboards a makeover. They went from a light wood color to a gorgeous shade of pale ivy.

During the process of renovating our kitchen, Lisa wasn't too keen on putting the maroon curtains back up. Instead, we opted for a plain off-white color. I didn't care for it, but I figured if I hemmed the curtains and added some dog-themed appliques, it would look better.

That was one item that was on my non-work stuff Bodacious To-Do List. Yes, the infamous list that I took a "week off" to conquer last week, but I got sick.

So, this week, it's happening. 

Throughout last week, I couldn't stop thinking about how much I didn't like the off-white curtains. It had been 5 months since we renovated the kitchen. I gave myself plenty of time to warm up to the off-white.

It. Just. Wasn't. Happening.

When Lisa got home on Friday, I asked her to sit at the kitchen table.

"Look at that wall. You've got the gorgeous light honey colored wall. Between the 2 windows is our white refrigerator. On each side of our white refrigerator, there are 2 off-white curtains. It all blends in. There is no contrast or pop of color."

Lisa sat there for a moment observing.

"You're right. What are you suggesting?"

"I'm thinking we need to put the maroon curtains back up. We have a lot of pieces in the kitchen that match. Then, once I hem them, you'll see the painted wall space between the window sill and the baseboard furnace. And, once I applique the bone shaped fabric on the bottom of the curtains, it'll look awesome."

I could tell Lisa was a bit skeptical.

"Let's try it. We'll pick out the fabric for the bone shapes when we run errands tonight."

That's exactly what happened.

Today, I hemmed the maroon curtains, cut the bones shapes out of the fabric we chose, appliqued them on, and hung the finished product. I also primed the kitchen baseboard that needed a total makeover because it was dingy and rusted.

What a difference!

When Lisa arrived home from work, I could tell by the look on her face that she was impressed.

Throughout the evening she kept commenting about the difference.

"I love the contrast and the bone appliques. It pulls out the other maroon decor we have in the kitchen. It's a pop of color. Good call, honey."

Shortly before bed, Lisa had one more thing to say.

"I'm proud of you. You're so talented. I appreciate the time you're taking to add personal touches to our home. I love that we do a lot of DIY and repurposing. Our home is beautiful and unique and you can tell there's a lot of love that has gone into making it homey and comfortable for us and the kids."

Lisa paused for a moment.

"I've seen so many homes that are big and modern and the rooms are filled with store-bought stuff and look like department store setups. I don't like that. Our home is comfortable. Warm. Inviting. It's hard to explain. I just love it."

I was radiating with pride at that moment.

As a Work at Home Dog Mom, that's one of the best compliments that I've ever received.

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