Thursday, September 6, 2018

We Got Our Big Thunderstorm Of The Summer Season

Lisa and I have a standing joke that we live under a dome. During the Summer months, areas around us are hit with massive thunderstorms. They either go around us or fizzle out before hitting our area. This year areas around us have gotten hit bad. To date, 6 tornados have touched down in our state. We hear the thunder and see the lightning, but the storm is miles away.  Our area has remained untouched. However, once a Summer, we get hit with one severe storm. Today was the day.

Lisa called when she got out of work. Our conversation was cut short because as soon as she shut the car door, a storm hit. Lisa's work is about 15 minutes away. The sun was out here.

About 5 minutes before she arrived home, it clouded over. Then, it got dark really quick. I sent Lisa a quick text to hurry home. I knew she was stopping for her usual Dunkins iced coffee.

"I think this is going to be our big storm of the Summer season. Get home quickly."

By the time Lisa arrived home, it was so dark we had to turn on some of the lights. I checked the doppler radar on my trusty weather site.

Yep. We were going to get slammed.

I could tell by the frequency of the thunder and the color of the sky.

I went around and unplugged most everything.

Our kids were going nuts because they knew a bad storm was about to hit. Coco paced and barked. Sophie hid behind the sofa. Lobo barked. Willa paced from room to room to room.

The worst of the storm hit less than 10 minutes later.

It was bad.

Lots of lightning strikes and the thunder rattled our windows.

Lisa sat beside me on the sofa where all the kids, except for Sophie who was still behind the sofa, joined us.

"You were right. This is our big storm of the Summer."

We were all relieved when it was over.

Quite a few people lost power.

A few hours later, we got another storm, but it wasn't as bad.

Our kids stayed relatively calm.


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