Sunday, September 16, 2018

Our Kids Depend On Us. We Want To Make Sure That We Are Prepared.

Under our Big Bodacious Dry Erase Bulletin Board, we have 3 wooden bone shaped leash/apparel holders that Lisa and I made earlier this year. Each has 2 hooks. This has been the setup since our Big Bodacious Painting Project back in May. When Lisa hung the leash/apparel holders, I made sure that we had 4 leashes. There's a reason for that. If we were to ever need to leave our home in a hurry because of a fire, break-in, or devastating weather element, we want to make sure we have leashes for all of the kids.

Prior to May, we only had 2 leashes hanging from our old leash/apparel holder. We use the same leash and Martingale Collar for Sophie, Lobo, and Willa. They're all about the same weight of 9-11 pounds. We have a separate Martingale Collar and leash for Coco who weighs about 35 pounds.

We only use the Martingale Collars when taking them outdoors. All of our kids have their indoor collars on with tags all the time.

Back in May, western Connecticut got hit with a few tornadoes and micro/macrobursts in a single day. A horrible storm system swept through the state. When it got to our neck of the woods, the sky was an odd shade of black and green. It got so dark that the street lights came on. I was already aware of what western Connecticut got.

Long story short, it made Lisa and I very nervous.

Thankfully, we were spared. We got a lot of rain and wind and thunder, but nothing like western Connecticut.

During that period when it got really dark and the sky was eerie, I thought, "If we had to escape our home quickly, we'd have to carry 2 kids because we only had 2 leashes.

The following week, we bought a couple more leashes.

We need to get 2 more Martingale Collars to attach to the leashes so all of our kids have one. 

Since then, I've thought a lot about the little things that we sometimes forget as Dog Moms. Having enough leashes for emergencies. Making sure there is always a stack of blankets available for a quick grab. Making sure there are always extra bags of homemade treats in the freezer for grab and go. Keeping bottled water on our pet shelf to grab quickly. And, during the winter months, having a coat for each of them hanging on the leash/apparel holders.

It's important to keep those things stocked and available at all times. An emergency can strike without notice. Having 4 leashes with Martingale Collars attached and blankets and apparel and water all available within quick reach could mean the difference between life and death.

As Dog Moms, our kids depend on us.

We want to make sure that we're prepared.

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