Saturday, September 22, 2018

Lisa Made A Fabulous Dinner This Evening On Her New Grill

Today was the big day. Lisa finished putting her new grill together. She sported a smile from ear to ear. For dinner, we dined on grilled steak, chicken, and yellow squash. Lisa raved about how much better this grill was and the difference between the grates from her last grill and this one. I radiated with pride.

Towards the middle of the Summer, Lisa's old grill started to act up. It was to the point where she no longer liked to use it. Things spiraled downward rather quickly. Only one side of the grill worked and that was iffy.

When Lisa told me that she needed a new grill, I griped a bit. Her old grill had been a gift from the kids and me. I thought we purchased it for Lisa a few years ago. My griping was out of frustration because a grill should last longer. Granted we use it year round, but still.

Lisa informed me that it had been longer than a few years. I was skeptical. I knew I had posted a photo on Facebook the day we picked up her grill. I scrolled through my photos. Sure enough, Lisa was right. It had been five years!

Since that conversation, Lisa has mentioned several times that she misses grilling for us and the kids. It has tugged at my heartstrings.

Finally, on Thursday, it happened. After shopping around online for a grill, I stumbled across an incredible deal on the perfect grill for Lisa. You can read about that here.

Lisa had no idea that I had been shopping around for a grill or that I purchased one. I sent Lisa a text with the order number and told her she had a gift waiting for her at Lowe's.

When she got to Lowe's and they rolled out the grill, she was shocked and happy and excited.

That excitement carried over through today when she grilled up a scrumptious dinner. She's already told me to include some grilled dinners when I make next week's dinner menu.

I'll be more than happy to do that.

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