Sunday, August 5, 2018

We Finally Have Railings On The Side Steps! Great Job, Ladies!

Our home has 2 entrances. The front door and a back door. Before you get to our back door, you have to enter the side door. I've always hated the side door for a few reasons. When you enter, you have to close the door before getting to our back door. If there are multiple people going in, you have to pack in like sardines against the back wall in the hallway in order to shut the door.

At the top of the list of why I hate the side door are the steps. They're old cement steps. a bit steep. Awkward. No railings. On numerous occasions, especially during the winter months, I have come close to falling. In addition, with my chronic pain, if I've overdone it, which I most often do, getting up those steps is excruciating and scary.

For the past year, putting railings up has been on the To-Do list. Lisa and Kim have talked about installing railings and tossing around various ideas.


It's been a busy year. Kim finished up college and graduated. Lisa got a promotion at work last year and her schedule changed a bit. At the beginning of this year, Kim renovated the upstairs. In May, we tackled our renovations downstairs. Then, on top of it all, we've all had hectic work schedules and other obligations to contend with.

With Lisa's 50th Backyard Birthday Bash quickly approaching, I was comically adamant about the railings being built before the party. For several weeks I had a bold reminder on our big bodacious dry erase bulletin board in the kitchen.

After having 3 big parties in the backyard over the past year and battling the side steps when I could barely walk after prepping and hosting all 3, it was time. We needed railings.

Lisa and Kim blocked off some time this weekend to build and install the railings. The original plan was to do this yesterday, but Mother Nature did not want to cooperate.

Today was the day. Lisa and Kim ventured to Home Depot this morning. I made them lunch once they returned. Then, they battled the heatwave and built some railings.

The project took a little over 3 hours. They busted their asses. The railings came out awesome! The pride that radiated from both of them was priceless.

We were all smiling from ear to ear.

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