Tuesday, August 7, 2018

A Moment Like This Will Instantly Alleviate My Stress

Today was one of those days. My To-Do List for this week is a mile long. This morning, I sat down at my desk and asked Coco, who was perched up on my leg, "Where do I start, buddy?" He gave me the look of, "You can start by rubbing my head and letting me slather you with juicy kisses." That's my boy.

By the time Lisa arrived home from work I was a bundle of nerves. I had been running back and forth from our home office to the DIY Dog Mom Workshop. Finishing custom orders. Working on blog columns. Obsessing about Saturday's weather. Social media. Working on the menu for Lisa's 50th Birthday Bash on Saturday.

I had the music on. Lisa changed into her shorts and tank top. I was in our home office. Lisa walked in. She was holding Sophie while dancing.

I smiled. Giggled. Grabbed my camera.

Lisa danced her way into the living room.

My heart melted a bit.

These are one of the many moments I treasure the most.

And, the ones that make me forget about the stress and chaos.

I needed that.

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