Wednesday, August 8, 2018

These Frozen Dog Treats Are A Huge Hit!

Every Summer, we make ice cube treats for our kids. I fill ice cube trays with water and crumble in some of our homemade soft baked peanut butter treats. Then, I pop the ice cube trays in the freezer. Several times a week, I pop a few out of the trays and give one to each of our kids. They love them! The ice cube trays make the perfect sized frozen treats for our kids.

We have a fur-niece and fur-nephew who live upstairs. They're bigger pups. One is much bigger. I wanted to make some frozen treats for them too, but the ice cube tray would be too small.

On a whim, I grabbed a couple of plastic bowls and filled each bowl with about 1 1/2 inches of water. I added 2 crumbled treats per bowl and put the bowls in the freezer.

Later that day, our fur-niece and fur-nephew were playing outside. I took the bowls out of the freezer and worked the frozen treats out fairly easy.

I brought the treats outside. I wish I would have taken a video. Both our fur-niece and fur-nephew ran up to me, sat, gazed at the frozen treats, and they each took one when I offered it to them.

They found a comfy spot on the lawn and enjoyed their frozen treats with gusto.

These frozen peanut butter biscuit dog treats are so easy to make and all of the furry kids in this house love them.

The best thing about these frozen dog treats is they're versatile. You can mix in yogurt, peanut butter, fruit, vegetables, lean meat, etc.

The possibilities are endless.

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