Saturday, July 7, 2018

This Mini Antique Wooden Table Already Has A Special Purpose

I received a text earlier today. I didn't recognize the number. The content of the text requested a custom order sign. I was stumped. Apparently, this person had a couple of custom pieces from us already in their possession. They were more than pleased. They wanted another one. Apparently, I did not have this customer listed in my contacts. I felt like a huge pile of horse crap covered in flies.

I replied back. Their response was quick. I immediately recognized who it was. Typically, in the past, our communication has always been through instant message. They've sent a text or two in the past, but I never added them to my contacts.

Total. Dork. Moment.

During our correspondence with the details of their custom sign, I sent a photo of THIS mini table. Lisa snagged this table last week. It's old. Made of solid wood. It struck her fancy. Over the past week, we contemplated what to do with it. We narrowed it down to two choices. A dog bowl holder for larger dogs or a cat/dog bed.

While discussing the custom sign details and what's been happening in our daily life, I brought up this mini table. Perfect timing. The hairless kitty that our friends had adopted earlier this year was in need of a new bed.


We are more than excited to work on the custom sign and the custom DIY kitty bed.

We'll be posting photos soon!

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