Friday, July 6, 2018

Thank You. To Elizabeth. To Everyone. You Keep Me On My Toes.

Early last month, I received a private message from a woman I've never met. She lives in the area I grew up in. She graduated from the high school I went to a few years after I graduated. She is still living and working in that area. I honestly scraped my brain for any memory of knowing her or meeting her at some point in my life. Nothing. Total. Blank.

The private message included this...

"Hey Lisa, I like reading your posts, and just the other day I came across something at a site I was shopping at. If I could ask your address for no other reason than to be able to send you something that I think would be appropriate and look good in your newly redone kitchen, I have something for you both. Thanks in advance. Just trying to pay niceness forward, as you both inspire so many to do."

After reading her message, I sat back in my office chair for a bit. That's when my brain went into overdrive.

Did I know this woman personally at one time?

If so, I don't remember.

How do I reply to something like this without sounding like a complete dorkface?

I sent a reply.

She replied back.

A month later, I received THIS.

A beautiful card with a handwritten message, a gorgeous sign, and 2 handpainted wine glasses.

I posted this on my personal Facebook wall...

"Thank you SO much, Elizabeth, for the incredible 'just because' gifts and card. You. Made. Our. Day. We'll be hanging the sign in our kitchen today. And, we'll be crackin' open a bottle of wine to enjoy in the gorgeous wine glasses with dinner.

Your gift means the world to us and we are beyond grateful. Everything in our home, from wine glasses to decor, has a story and sentiment behind it. We will be VERY proud to display these new additions. Hugs and love to you and yours."

It's moments like this when I take a bit o' time to sit back and reflect.

Every single day, I'm creating and writing and posting.

Most days, to be quite honest, sometimes I feel as if what I do doesn't reach out to my audience or inspire others or catch someones attention.

Moments like this reassure me.

And, I'm not saying that people have to send me gifts to reassure me.

But, over the past couple of months, after putting out a call to The Universe, I've felt a number of shimmy shakes.

I'm heading in the right direction.

I have inspired people.

We have.

Our family has.

That means the world to us.

That motivates me. Inspires me. Keeps that fire burning.

Thank you.

To Elizabeth and everyone.

For everything.

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