Thursday, July 5, 2018

Paw Prints, A Lizard, And A Wine Glass...

Last month, we created a custom sign for a dear friend of ours. It was one of those 'The (insert last name), Established (insert year) signs." It came out gorgeous. During the process of painting the sign and freehand lettering, Lisa said, "You should make a sign like this for us..." Okay. Lisa had a large piece of wood in her woodshop. She gave it a quick kiss with the sander and brought it upstairs. Put it on the table in my workshop. It was time to work my magic.

I let Lisa pick the base color. She decided on Barn Red. Then, there was another decision that had to be made before I customized it.

What year did we want for the "Established" date?

We have a few commemorative dates. The day we met. The day we were officially in a relationship back in the 90's. The day we reunited after being separated for over a decade. The day we got married. The day we moved into our home.

Jokingly, I told Lisa that we'd need a bigger piece of wood if I were going to include all those dates on the sign. 

It took Lisa a couple of days to contemplate which date to put.

Then, one late afternoon after grabbing a snack, she sat on the stool in my workshop.

"Do we really need to include an established date?"

"Nope. We don't. Having several dates on there would be an interesting conversation maker, but it's not necessary."

"Let's just have The Violettes."

"That sounds like a fabulous idea. It'll give me more room to add graphics that represent our family."

So, that's exactly what happened.

For those who have visited our home, you've seen the myriad of decorative lizards that border our kitchen. It has taken us almost 6 years to complete that border. I think it's rather amazing. So, I handpainted a lizard on the sign.

The wine glass, well, apparently I have a reputation.


The pawprints represent our kids and our dog mom life.

I worked on the sign between custom orders and other work stuff.

I finally finished it today.

Lisa was truly impressed.

Now, we just need to figure out where we are going to hang it...

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