Sunday, July 29, 2018

Our Kids Don't Typically Nap At The Same Time, But When They Do...

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. We spent the day tackling our weekend chore list. Housework. Yard work. Mowing the lawn. Baking. Housework. Work stuff. Unfortunately, due to work stuff and the weather, a lot of these tasks had to be put off until the weekend. This weekend. Our anniversary weekend.

It's all good. We're not complaining.

This afternoon, while Lisa was finishing up the yard work and mowed the side and front lawn, I was in the home office working on blog columns and social media.

Our kids decided to take their afternoon naps at the same time.

Coco was stretched out on the sofa and covered with one of his favorite blankets.

Sophie was curled up on the decorative chair in our home office with her favorite blanket.

Lobo was under my desk sprawled out with his Stinky.

Willa was sleeping sound in the DIY indoor dog house.

I embrace these peaceful moments. When the world is a bit quiet. When our kids are napping comfortably in their favorite spots.

It's not often they nap at the same time, but when they do...


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