Friday, June 22, 2018

Take Me Out To The Ball Game...

Last week, Lisa and I went out on 2 dates. Dinner. Errands. We had a blast. This is kind of a new thing. Putting aside a few hours during the week to go out. Just us. That was supposed to happen today after Lisa got home and mowed the lawns. But, things didn't exactly go as planned. It's all my fault and I'm more than happy to take the blame.

While mowing the lawn, Lisa chatted with one of our neighbor friends, Char, who has become family to us. During the conversation, she mentioned that her husband, who we absolutely love and adore, wanted to go to the baseball game, but didn't want to go alone.

Lisa asked Char why she wasn't going. Char had plans already and couldn't back out. 

Midway through their conversation, I brought out 2 thick slices of a homemade lemon blueberry bundt cake I had made earlier for Char and her hubs.

The topic of the baseball game came up.

I looked at Lisa and mentioned that she should go to the game with Char's hubs.

Her face lit up, but then she said, "We have plans to go out tonight. Maybe some other time."

Our conversation veered off to another topic.

When Char went back home, the conversation between Lisa and I continued.

"Go to the game with Bob. You love going to baseball games. I'm sure he'd love the company."

"It's our date night. I know you've been looking forward to it."

I exhaled.

"I have, but I had a great wine and lunch date this afternoon. I'm good. You need a Butch night. Go to the ballgame with Bob. Enjoy some ballgame food and a beer."

Lisa's face lit up again.


"Yes, really. Send him a text. Find out the details. And, just go. The kids and I will be fine. I'll catch up on work stuff and spend time with the kids."

Lisa sent Bob a text.

Finished mowing the lawn.

I checked in about 30 minutes later.

"I'm going to the game. We're leaving at 6:15."

I smiled from ear to ear.

"Good. Get the stuff put away, come in and shower, and GO have FUN."

That's exactly what she did.

Lisa is at the ballgame now. She has sent a few texts. She's having a great time with Bob.

I'm on the sofa with the kids. They're all snuggled close to me.

I"m writing blog columns. Working on my book. I've got Netflix playing mostly for the noise.

I ate a sandwich and popcorn for dinner.

Lisa probably won't be home until after 11 because they're having fireworks after the game.

I'm so happy she went.

As quoted from my personal Facebook page earlier this evening...

My wife got home from work today. Had a bite to eat. Then, immediately tended to yard work. When "baseball game with fireworks" was mentioned, her face lit up. She loves sports. I don't.

So, instead of date night, I sent her to have "Butch Night" with our favorite Man who is family to us. Watch the game. Have a beer or two. Enjoy ballgame food. She was like a little kid at a candy store.

This. Makes. Me SO. Happy. My wife is the hardest worker I know. Our favorite Man is right up there with her. He's always been there for us over the years...unconditionally.

Go. Have fun! I love you both to the moon and back and beyond! You both deserve an evening like tonight.

I meant every word.

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