Sunday, June 17, 2018

On Finding That Balance Between Work And Play

I spent a few hours working yesterday, but the majority of the time, I focused on and enjoyed a backyard cookout and evening fire with some of our favorite humans. We all had a blast. A couple of our guests invited us to a barbecue today. I wanted to go. But, I was sitting on 6 custom orders that I needed to finish for pick up and deliveries this coming week. I told Lisa to go. Enjoy. She did.

As of late, I've been relying on my weekends to get a lot of extended work done. By "extended" I mean that I'm able to sit for longer periods of time because Lisa is home. I don't have to get up 4-5 times per hour because it's too quiet, or I have to check on the kids, or I hear a weird noise, or Willa wants to play fetch for the 106th time before noon.

Lisa is home to take care of all of that. Fetch. Outside time. Indoor play. Snacks. Making sure Willa isn't getting into mischief. Etc.

What this all boils down to is if I take one day during the weekend to slack off and play a bit, I have to hunker down and focus on work the other day.

Today was that day. 

I hated not accompanying Lisa to the barbecue, but I had to get a lot of work done in a relatively short period of time.

This is one of the downfalls of working at home.

Lisa left around 1:30-ish. She got back around 4:30-ish.

I was beyond grateful for the abundance of foods she brought home. I ate some for dinner. I packed a lot of it for Lisa's lunch tomorrow. I'll snack on the tiny bit left tomorrow.

What trumped all was my gratitude towards all who extended their grace of understanding.

Our neighbor friends understood that I had to work today and they take my work seriously.

My wife who made the decision to go and represent both of us.

And, our neighbor friends who provided food for the both of us so I wouldn't have to cook this evening or worry about what I was going to pack for Lisa's lunch tomorrow.

I'm truly grateful for all.

As I grow my business and get busier, my work schedule is going to get tighter, especially during the weekends.

Yes, I will take time out for date nights and time spent with family and friends, but I won't be able to attend each and every event.

When the people in my life understand that, it means the world to me.

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