Tuesday, June 12, 2018

I Added Birdhouses To Our Upcoming DIY Dog Mom Projects List

A couple of years after we moved here, during the late Spring, Lisa and I strolled through one of our favorite indoor/outdoor flea markets. While inside, one particular vendor caught our attention. He was an elderly gentleman. In a wheelchair. Putting the final touches on his rustic handcrafted birdhouses. He had several shelves filled with his creations. Lisa and I purchased a birdhouse.

We had plans on returning to the indoor/outdoor flea market to purchase a few more of his rustic handcrafted birdhouses to give as gifts, but unfortunately, he was no longer there.

In the few years to follow, we displayed the handcrafted rustic birdhouse inside of our home as a decor piece. We were afraid to put it outside because we didn't want it to get ruined by the rain or sun.

Last Spring, we made the decision to put the birdhouse outside. We hung it from one of the rafters on the front porch. Almost immediately, we noticed several birds flying in and out with nesting materials.

Less than a month later, we heard the babies chirping. Eventually, they peeked through the hole. It was an incredible sight to see.

This year, the same thing happened. We knew when the babies hatched because we could hear their tiny chirps. Then, as they got bigger, they peeked their heads through when Mama fed them. As of now, it won't be long until they leave the nest.

I posted photos of the Mama and babies last year in May. Someone suggested we start building simple, birdhouses. I was completely onboard. But, at the time, Lisa didn't have her woodshop in the basement.

Since last May, we cleared out most of our stuff in the basement. Lisa officially got her woodshop. And, as of last month, I have an official DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop.

When I posted photos of the Mama bird with her babies a week or so ago, someone suggested we should make birdhouses as a DIY Dog Mom Project.

Although I was fully onboard last year when someone suggested that, we didn't have a woodshop and DIY Dog Mom Project Room.

Now, we do.

I'll be adding DIY birdhouses to our upcoming DIY Dog Mom Projects list.

To be continued...

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