Saturday, May 12, 2018

Our Big Bodacious Painting Project Started Today...

Our Big Bodacious Painting Project began today. After much deliberation, we made the decision to start in the front rooms with the home office being first. Originally, the bedroom was going to be the first room tackled, but we've thrown a few ideas in the air about switching the bedroom with the DIY Dog Mom Project room (formerly the biscuit room).

Lisa spent most of the morning moving various pieces of furniture to the center of the room, setting up my work laptop and monitor on the kitchen table and taking items down from the walls.

Unfortunately, she had to leave at 1 p.m. because of a previous commitment. Our dear friend, Kim, the one we hosted the graduation party for last Saturday, had her graduation ceremony today in Massachusetts. I stayed behind to take care of our kids and her furry kids. They didn't return until almost 9. On the way home, they picked up dinner. We dined on grinders, sandwiches, and fries. We ate with gusto, sipped wine, and chatted until 11.

Prior to leaving, Lisa had to make an unexpected trip to Home Depot. On a whim, I decided to examine the colors of paint to make sure we had them all. We chose Ivory Paper for the trim.

The smear of paint on top of the can didn't match the color in the book. When Lisa opened the gallon of paint, it appeared they forgot to add the color. Instead of being the color of Ivory Paper, it was Ultra White. The sales associate was super nice and fixed the color for Lisa.

After Lisa left, I filled in the holes where the wall screws had been and fixed some cracks in the wall. I took down the small white shelf that had been on the wall beside of my desk. It took about 2 hours. By that time I was worn out.

I'm still sick. I'm feeling a little better every day, but I'm not fully recovered.

The kids have been slightly obnoxious all day. Restless. They don't like it when we move furniture around or rearrange decor. It was the first time since Willa joined our family that we've moved furniture or rearranged decor. She was scared.

When I fed the kids dinner, Willa grabbed a mouthful of food, ran up onto our bed, chewed, swallowed and repeated the process until she was done with her dinner. It broke my heart to see her so frightened, but I assured her everything was okay.

Tomorrow, we'll be opening some paint cans and giving our walls a makeover! We're both excited. When we're done, it's going to look great.

Until then, our home will be in complete disarray. Our kids will need lots of extra attention and love and playtime because of the chaos.

I will be spending a few hours tomorrow baking extra treats and meals for our kids. Lisa and I will be living on sandwiches and grilled fare for most of the week.

We've got this.

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