Friday, May 18, 2018

Our Big Bodacious Painting Project Is Continuing Into Next Week

It's the last day of Lisa's vacation. Friday. Our goal was to have Our Big Bodacious Painting Project completely done. But, it didn't happen. We're not disappointed. Under the circumstances, we got a considerable amount accomplished. Our home office, living room, and bedroom are painted and 100% put back together. That includes Spring Cleaning, deep cleaning the carpets, the furniture in place and all of the wall decor hung back up. Our old bedroom is 50% complete.

The weekend is coming up. We could definitely get the rest of the old bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom painted. But, we're not. Prior to falling asleep last night, I did a little thinking. Originally, I was going to begin Our Big Bodacious Painting Project the week before Lisa's vacation. However, I got really sick and spent most of that week on the sofa.

So, I'm going to finish Our Big Bodacious Painting Project next week when Lisa heads back to work on Monday. Lisa gave me a hard time about that. It took a lot of convincing for her to relinquish the rest of the painting to me.

She eventually caved.

Tomorrow, we're going to strip the kitchen and get it set up for me to paint. It'll take a couple of days because we're painting the cupboards and drawers too. Everything that's in the kitchen will be put in our old bedroom which is now a fully functional DIY Dog Mom Project Room.

More on that later...

By mid-week, I'll paint the trim and wood paneling in our old bedroom. The day after that, I'll conquer the bathroom. That will only take a few hours. Our bathroom is tiny.

The rest of Our Big Bodacious Painting Project won't take all week. My goal is to have it all done by Thursday. I'd like to spend Friday giving a few pieces of wood decor a fresh coat of paint.

I can tell Lisa is still hesitant about leaving the rest of the painting to me. It's not in her nature to start a project and leave it for someone else. I keep telling her that it's no different than my previous plans to start the week before her vacation.

She has thanked me at least a dozen times. And, promised to get all the fixin's for my homemade margaritas over Memorial Day Weekend.

I know she's tired and worn out. We both are. The least I can do is give her the weekend to rest and relax before going back to work.

I'll keep you posted on the progress. I've taken lots of photos. Next weekend, once the kitchen, DIY Dog Mom Project Room, and the bathroom are done, I'll post before and after photos of each room.

Stay tuned...

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