Friday, May 4, 2018

I Had A Few Angels Of Saving Grace Fluttering Around Me Today

When you're hosting a graduation party tomorrow and have a shit-ton of stuff to do and scrumptious food to prep. And, 2 days prior, you get sick with a high fever, aches, chills, a sore throat, etc. I'm feeling worse today. By mid-afternoon, I was in tears. But, thanks to the kind and generous assistance from some of the people I love the most, I was able to trudge through.

Thank you, Char, for the emergency supply of Puffs Plus because I ran out on the overnight. I thought we had an extra stash in the bathroom, but we recently gave them away when a dear friend of ours fell sick with the same thing.

Thank you to Lisa and June who brought me WonTon soup before heading out on a hot date last night. I was seriously going to be satisfied with a rice cake and peanut butter to absorb the amount of cold medicine I was taking, but, you both delayed your date to make sure I was nourished with something warm and soothing.

The 3 of us are planning another date soon when I'm feeling better.

And, thank you to Lisa who has run all of the errands and made sure I had everything I needed today on her day off. That extended to cold medicine, additional boxes of tissues, hand sanitizer, local honey, and red wine.

She was my saving grace and she assisted with a tremendous amount of food prep, housework, doing load after load of dishes, and making sure we had dinner at a reasonable hour.

Because, when you're prepping for a big event the night before, you don't have time to think about "what's for dinner."

We've. Got. This. That's just how we roll.

On a side note, red wine DOES help loosen mucus and congestion...


I Googled it.

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