Tuesday, February 6, 2018

We're Making A Few Changes To The Home Office This Weekend

On July 3rd of 2015, I started this blog. On that date, we were renovating the home office. This was the photo I posted. Our Grammy had just passed away. My family, after going through her belongings and taking what they wanted, had a few things left. One of the items was a rocking loveseat. We decided to take it. Lisa and our neighbor friend Char were going to drive up to Massachusetts the following day to retrieve it along with a few other items.

We converted our home office into a combination home office and second living room. The home office was big enough to do this. We moved both desks and the decor on the wall.

In the couple of years to follow, our home office has remained untouched for the most part. 

As our family grew, we noticed that the rocking loveseat didn't serve a purpose. Lisa and I didn't use it much. After we made several DIY Dog Mom Project Beds and repurposed our old entertainment stand into a nappy nook for the kids, the kids lost interest in the love seat.

In addition, Willa has made it her mission to give the loveseat a makeover.

Yep, this. For the longest time, we couldn't figure out where Willa was getting the stuffing from to custom make her own "doggy bed."

Then, we realized it was from the side middle of the back cusion. The slit got bigger and bigger and bigger. Willa's determination to create her daily custom dog bed became more apparent. 

This was the last straw before we bought a quilt to put over the loveseat and tuck into every nook and cranny. 

Each and every time, Lisa and I got a good laugh. Her determination was nothing short of hysterical.

The loveseat was beyond repair. The kids no longer utilized the loveseat to lay on to lounge and nap. Eventually, it was just a waste of space.

Today, we decided the loveseat needed to go.

Lisa reached out to our neighbor friend Bob who has a pickup truck.

On Saturday, the loveseat will be transported to the dump.

In place of the loveseat, we'll move the DIY Dog Mom Project indoor dog house to that spot. It's big enough. Then, we'll put the antique decorative chair in the corner. The antique Singer Sewing Machine will go back in the living room.

So much to do, but by the time it all happens, I will be completely done, after over a year, with the 6-week work projects for my client. 

Lots of work. 

We've got this. 

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