Monday, February 5, 2018

Another DIY Dog Mom Project Makeover Is Done...

I'm on a kick.  After spending over a year completing multiple 6-week projects for a client, I'm on the final week. Final projects. Final deadlines. After over a year, and after this week, the finish line is in sight. I will finally be able to dediate all of my work time to this blog, creating homemade dog treat recipes, DIY Dog Mom projects, social media, everything and anything related to Dog Mom stuff, and everything between.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been swamped with deadlines. This week, it'll be a lot easier with it being the last week. 

Between the excitement, relief, and the little bit o' sadness, my brain seems to have gravitated towards getting stuff done, as in DIY Dog Mom Projects, around our home that I've had to put off. The first DIY Dog Mom Project we finished was the jumbo wooden dog bone photo collage. The second was giving a beloved decorative piece a makeover.

Today, I decided to tackle something that I've been wanting to do since last Summer.

To back up a bit, a couple of years ago, some clients of mine gave me a handcrafted wooden outdoor planter. The entire piece was painted white with a barn red 'Welcome' on the front. At the top, in the middle, an antique horseshow was adhered.

We've utilized this outdoor planter for the past 2 Summers. Unfortunately, towards the end of last Summer, the antique horseshoe rusted and fell off. The handpainted 'Welcome' faded.

The structure of the outdoor planter is sturdy and has held up during inclement weather. I didn't want to get rid of it. All it needed was a little TLC.

So, I brought it to the kitchen table for a lil' DIY Dog Mom Project love.

I gave it 2 coats of a light beige outdoor paint. Lisa cut and sanded a piece of wood down to size. I decided to create a dog-themed plaque to replace the 'Welcome.'

Once the plaque was complete, I gave it a generous coat of protective satin varnish.

It's back on the front porch.

We both LOVE the finished piece.

Is it Spring yet?

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