Sunday, January 28, 2018

Our Next DIY Dog Mom Project Involves A JUMBO Custom Made Wooden Bone

Last week, while doing some desk work in the home office, I heard the UPS truck stop in front of the house. I heard someone walk up the stairs, open the DIY Dog Gate, and the box being placed on the porch. I stopped what I was doing and sifted through the Rolodex in my brain. Did I order something online as of late? Nope. Had someone sent me a private message or email letting me know they were sending me a package? Nope.

I ventured to the front porch to check it out. There it was. A gigantic box that was almost as tall as I am and about 2 1/2 feet wide. It was addressed to me. The return address was UPS and the location it was shipped from. I was stumped.

I took the box inside. A few minutes later, Lisa called during her lunch break. I told her about the box.

"Did you open it?"



"I just brought it inside."

"Did you order something online recently?"

"If I did you'd know about it."

"Open it while you're on the phone with me."

"I can't. It's too big. And, I'm nervous. It's big and the sender is a mystery."

When the conversation ended, I opened the box. Inside was at least 54 gallons of those white, styrofoam packing pieces. However, I could see the tip of what was actually in the box. My eyes widened. My mouth dropped to the floor.

I had completely forgotten about the JUMBO wooden bone that Martha and Brian had custom made for me almost a year ago. We've tried several times to meet up so we could pick up the bone or they could deliver, but plans always fell through because of work, life, and everything between.

Obviously, they decided to ship it.

I was excited. I have plans for this JUMBO wooden bone and that process started today. Lisa knew how excited I was to get started so yesterday, while I prepped for the birthday dinner we hosted for our neighbor friend, she ran to Michael's to pick up a few supplies.

And, today, while Lisa put her feet up and relaxed with the kids on the sofa for the afternoon, I got started.

I have another crazy busy work week ahead of me. I'm on the 4th week of a 6-week project for a client. Being able to work on this gorgeous DIY Dog Mom Project will be touch and go, but my goal is to have it completely finished by the end of next weekend.

I'll keep you posted...

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