Saturday, January 27, 2018

A Chocolate Dipped Fruit Salad And Balance

One of my goals for the new year, as in 2018, was to put a damper on creating distractions. I have a tendency to invite our neighbor friends over frequently to join us for dinner or have a night of appetizers and drinks. We always have a great time and it's a way for all of us to keep connected. We all have busy lives. However, having company over takes an entire day for me to prep for. It doesn't matter if I do some of the prep work the day before. I put my heart and soul into everything. In addition, the chronic pain in my back slows me down. It takes me longer to do certain tasks. Then, by the end of the evening, I'm struggling to move.

When I realized that I needed to lessen the number of distractions I created, it simply meant I had to find a comfortable balance. I wasn't going to completely eliminate having friends over for food and drinks. I just needed to space it out more. I also needed to adapt the mind frame that not every shared meal or "appetizers and drinks" evening needed to happen at our home.

We have a couple of neighbor friends who have us over too and it's blissful. 

To maintain balance, I had to come up with occasions that warranted a celebration and taking an entire day to prep for. At the top of the list was birthdays.

In the past, to celebrate our neighbor friend's birthdays, I've hosted a dinner to honor the occasion. It's part of their birthday gift. We've always had a great time and the recipients have always enjoyed their meal and dessert and being spoiled.

That's what happened earlier today. The first birthday of the year. I spent the day making an Asian themed dinner complete with orange teriyaki chicken, vegetable stir-fried rice, egg rolls, vegetarian sushi, and a chocolate dipped fruit salad.

The food was scrumptious. Everyone loved dessert. The Sangria and conversation lasted until well after 9 p.m.

We had a fabulous time.

Much needed.

The next birthday to celebrate isn't until the end of March.

I'm sure we'll host a Girls Night between now and then, but only one.

I'm determined to maintain balance.

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