Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The DIY Doggy Gates Are Done

The other day I published a blog column about the DIY Doggy Gates that were finally coming to life. I've been wanting to make these for a long time. A few months ago, we got our hands on some scrap wood. My immediate first thought was, "This is going to be the wood for our DIY Doggy Gate..."

When Lisa started taking the picket fence pieces apart and cutting the other pieces down to size, she realized we had enough for 2 gates. Our next thought was, "Let's build another one for the upstairs front porch. We'll surprise Kim. It'll be one of her Christmas gifts."

Our dear friend, Kim, lives upstairs. She owns this 2 family home. She has the same style front porch we do. Kim also has furry kids. Two of those furry kids are our fur-niece felines.

The other is our chunky love fur-nephew, Willie. Like our fur-nieces, he's a total love and will slather your face with juicy kisses. He loves to be outdoors or at the front door when the big door is opened and it's only the screen door separating him from the outside.

Kim and I have the same struggle at times. We both would love to work outdoors on our front porch, especially with our pup kids laying at our feet, however, there is no front porch gate.

None of our furry pup kids can fit through the porch railings that surround the front porch except for where the stairs are.

We just needed a DIY Doggy Gate for the area on top of the stairs.

Lisa built 2 gates. In addition, she cut out 2 large wooden dog bones out of the large boards she had. Once the gates were built and the wood bones were cut, she handed everything over to me to paint and detail.

The one on the left is for Kim. The picket fence rails are a bit further apart. We had 11 pieces of picket fence total. We used 6 for ours because our kids are smaller.

We chose a shade of paint that matches the color of the house. And, we forked out a few dollars extra for top quality outdoor paint.

The wooden doggy bones are the color of the house trim. Again, we used a high-quality outdoor paint. I handpainted the "Welcome" and added some freehand pawprints. Both bone pieces are coated with a protective varnish.

Last week, Lisa went to the hardware store and purchased hinges and a secure slide lock for both DIY Doggy Gates.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to have these finished. More so, I can't wait to present this to Kim on Friday.

Our DIY Doggy Gates will give us more freedom and provide protection for our furry pup kids.

On top of that, they're all handcrafted, original, and super cool!

I love making DIY Dog Mom Project gifts.

And, the excitement that goes along with distributing them is priceless.

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