Friday, December 1, 2017

The Bodacious Holiday Bundles Have Made An Appearance

Our Bodacious Holiday Bundles officially made a debut. I absolutely love offering these bundles. It's a mix of handcrafted-by-us items and our homemade biscuits. I create bundles. A mix of cool DIY Dog Mom Projects. And, I offer them at a special price. In other words, it's cheaper to purchase the bundles than it would be to buy the items separately. My reason behind this is simple. 

I want to give the pet parents out there an opportunity to grab some handcrafted items and homemade dog treats for their furry kids for the holidays. Or, to give some of the pups on their holiday list. I realize there is a ton of store-bought stuff available, however, for those who prefer handmade and homemade, the Bodacious Holiday Bundles are an inexpensive option. You get multiple items that can be separated into several gifts.

I also know that when it comes to the holiday gift-giving lists, often times, the furry kids are overlooked. It's one of those gray areas.

"Do I buy something for Aunt Peggy's furry kid or not?"

The holiday season is expensive. I get it. The humans get priority. The furry kids, often times, are overlooked.

Yes, I'm speaking from experience. Since 2012, when we moved into our home, we have received a single gift during the holiday season for our kids. A blanket.

My hope is that people will grab some of these holiday bundles and spread some cheer to the pet parents out there. Or, to keep an item or two for their furry kids.

The holiday season isn't just for us humans...

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