Friday, November 17, 2017

The Bucket O' Wood That Will Soon Be Bodacious Holiday Ornaments

This happened today. After work, Lisa went to Lowe's and purchased the wood needed to make all of the Bodacious Holiday Ornaments for this year. Originally, Lisa was going to use her power saw thingy (girly lingo...) to cut the wood. However, after making a call to our neighbor friend Rick, he volunteered to cut the wood on his big table saw thingy (more girly lingo...). What would have taken Lisa a couple hours to do, he got done in minutes.

I baked him brownies as our way of saying thank you.

Lisa walked in with a tall, Home Depot bucket filled with the wood that had been cut down to size. The kids had to check it out. There are 72 pieces total. I'll be using 65 pieces for ornaments. The other 6 pieces will be for an experimental DIY Dog Mom Project I've been wanting to make.

Tomorrow morning, after a quick trip to the post office to ship off some wooden doggy bone Welcome Signs, Lisa will head downstairs to sand the wood pieces.

And, in the few days to follow, I'll be hunkered down at the kitchen table.


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