Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Kids Love Their Vintage Chair. The Operative Word Is "Their"

Last month, after several years of searching, Lisa and I scooped up a vintage chair at a yard sale. The chair wasn't for us. We wanted one for our kids. Over the years, we've come across well over a dozen, but they've been in poor shape or the price was much too expensive. Then, finally, one morning while out and about checking out a few yard sales and flea markets, there it was. It was meant to be. Great shape. No repairs needed. Jaw-dropping price.

I cleaned the wood and wiped down the upholstery fabric. For a couple of weeks, the chair sat in the home office in front of the window closest to my desk. I made a dog bone shaped pillow for the chair.

I have yet to make the plush pad for the seat cushion. I'll be doing that very shortly. 

While the chair sat in the home office, none of our kids wanted anything to do with it. They sniffed it. Acknowledged its existence. That was about it.

FInally, over a week ago, I made it my mission to rearrange a few pieces of furniture so the vintage chair could sit in the corner of our living room.  In order to do that, I had to move the antique Singer Sewing Machine and bench into the office. In order to do that, I had to move our antique sewing desk, which currently resided in the office, into our bedroom. In order to do that, I had to move the black iron plant cart to the home office.

I spent an entire afternoon doing this. Alone. I was on a mission. I wanted it done before Lisa got home.

That almost happened. There was one piece of furniture left to move when she got home. Lisa jumped right in and belted out one word...


She lifted the piece of furniture up and moved it with ease.

The vintage chair has been sitting in the living room for a little over a week now. All of our kids have sat on it, stretched out, and taken a nap on it.

I've posted a few photos and a handful of people have sent me private messages and emails in response to those photos.

The theme of those comments is, "Why are you allowing your dogs on that beautiful chair. What is wrong with you?"

There's nothing wrong with me. Or Lisa. We bought a vintage chair for our kids. It belongs to them. They love it.

We don't see a problem with that.

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