Sunday, September 17, 2017

Go Home Jose, You're Drunk...

The quiet before the storm. All the way around. Mother Nature. A neighbor friend's unexpected business trip out of state. Having to spend the overnight at their house because of that. It's going to be a crazy week. We're prepared. Now, we're waiting to see what Hurricane/Tropical Storm Jose will decide on. So far, his path has exemplified the motto, "Go home (Jose), you're drunk..."

Since the middle of last week, it appeared that Hurrican Jose was going to veer in our direction. From experience, Lisa and I both know to not panic. Mother Nature is fickle. The path of a hurricane, tropical storm, blizzard, or anything else can change at a moment's notice.


Because we have 5 kids (4 pups and 1 Guinea Pig), and we were in charge of our neighbor friend's teenager and their 3 fur-babies, Lisa and I made damn sure we were prepared for the worst.

Friday evening, Lisa and I ventured out for a couple of hours. We tackled our grocery shopping list. I made sure to have enough stuff to make sandwiches and baked goods...just in case. We filled our gas tank.

We also purchased candles, a couple of flashlights, batteries, and bottled water.

Earlier this afternoon, Lisa secured the tarps over our firewood, took the canopy apart, and secured our outdoor potted plants to the furthest corner of the porch.

Tomorrow, depending on updates of the projected path, we'll probably fill a couple of totes and trash bins with water to pail flush.

From that point on, nature will take its course.

But, at least we'll be prepared.



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