Thursday, September 21, 2017

If We Could Get A Break From Being Sick, That Would Be Great...

From the time we moved into our home in 2012 until last summer, Lisa and I had a fairly decent run of not being sick. During those years, I can count on one hand how many times we were stricken with a cold or stomach bug. Then, about a year ago, that all changed. The past year has been horrible. And, it continues to suck because apparently, the cold and flu season is starting early this year.

A year ago, Lisa was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. She had been bitten on the head by a tick. After a regimen of medications, she was fine.

In January, Lisa caught the nasty cold virus that had spread like wildfire. She was so sick. Four days later, I was sick too with the same thing. It took about 3 weeks to fully recover.

Lisa got it again in March. Same thing. Her doctor said there had been a lull, but the virus made a comeback. The doctor's office had been swamped with people who had fallen victim. Once again, four days later, I was sick too.

Towards the end of July, Lisa noticed an itchy and slightly painful spot on her head. Two days later, she got a headache. She recognized the symptoms immediately and made an emergency appointment with her doctor.

After a round of tests and bloodwork, it was confirmed she had been infected with Lyme Disease. Again. The tick bite was on her head and about an inch away from last year's bite.

Then, a few days later, she got a call from her doctor. Her tests also revealed she had Mono. We were shocked, but after learning a lot of the symptoms of Lyme Disease and Mono were similar, well, it made sense.

For that entire month, Lisa was on regimens of medications including Prednisone. The side effects were horrible. Finally, towards the middle of August, she finished the medications and returned to her normal self.

Just when I was about ready to exhale, Lisa woke up with a sore throat earlier this week. By the end of the day, she had head and chest congestion. We had some antibiotics left over from March so she immediately started taking that.

As of now, she's sick. It appears to be the same thing we had back in January and March. She's already told me that if she's not feeling any better by Monday, she's going to her doctor.

So far, I'm feeling okay. The only thing I'm plagued with is Fall allergies. I've never had Fall allergies this bad.

We're keeping our fingers and paws crossed that whatever Lisa has isn't contagious.

And, we're hoping this isn't an indication of what this season's cold and flu season is going to be like.



We need a break from the sickness and Lyme Disease.

But, for now, we've got this.

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