Monday, July 31, 2017

Lyme Disease. Mono. And, A Stunned Baby Bird

On Saturday, we hosted our backyard anniversary party. Yesterday, despite our sore muscles, exhaustion, and lack of ambition, we got the outside and inside cleaned and back in order. Once that was done, I packaged some leftovers for our neighbor friends and made a quick dinner consisting of all leftovers. Our neighbor friend joined us.
Lisa went back to work today. She was still tired from the weekend festivities and all of the prep work beforehand. I was too. I was also dealing with the fact that it's the last day of July. Last week, I had wrapped up some work for a client that I plugged away at for almost 2 months. I won't be doing any work for this client until the middle of September.

I seriously need to take advantage of the next month and a half. Blog columns. New DIY Dog Mom Projects. Custom orders. Creating new homemade dog treat recipes. Blog updates. Changes. Evolution. Social. Tending to my Pinterest account.

The list goes on.

I was well on my way to organizing my notes, to-do lists, and cleaning my desk. I was on a roll. Then, I took a break and stepped outside. Front porch. Our neighbor friend's pup grabbed a baby bird. Our neighbor friend brought it over.

Project bird rescue began.

Within 30 minutes, I had called our wonderful local ACO for advice, held the bird in my hand while massaging its head, create a makeshift outdoor wild bird habitat, and witnessed the wild bird, who I named Frankie, come to life.

Based on the information received, it's more than likely the baby bird had been stunned. It simply needed a safe place to reside to decompress and regain its composure.

Mission accomplished.

Amid all of the excitement, Lisa was trying to call me. She was on her lunch break. This has been a tradition for over 6 years. Our. Lunch. Chat. She had left several messages and texts. I finally got a hold of her 15 minutes into her lunch break.

That's when it happened. Another curve ball. Total shock.

"My doctor called. As expected, the tests came back positive for Lyme Disease. In addition to that, I also tested positive for Mono."

My mouth fell to the floor.

"Mono? Are you sure? You didn't have any of the symptoms except achy muscles and fatigue, but those are the same symptoms of Lyme Disease."

"Yep. I'm sure."

Very few things render me speechless. This bit of news stunned me. I've had Mono twice in my life. The first time, I was in elementary school and had all of the symptoms. I was out of school for a week. The second time, it wasn't nearly as bad.


I'm still trying to process all of this. Lyme Disease positive. Mono positive.

After I got off the phone with Lisa, I plopped myself down onto the bed. All of the kids were napping, but they woke up enough to snuggle up to me. Coco was sprawled out across my feet. Willa was curled up behind my knees. Sophie was by my face, rolling on her back so I could rub her tummy. Lobo smothered my face with juicy kisses.

Total therapy. Our kids make everything better no matter what is going on.

Needless to say, the last day of July is going out with a bang.

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