Saturday, June 3, 2017

3 Reasons Why You Need To License Your Pups

It never fails. When June 1st hits, there's at least a dozen reminders plastered on Facebook for dog parents to get their pups licensed. This is one of the many responsibilities of being a dog parent. This year, it's going to cost us a bit more because our family got a little bigger in March. In addition, Willa's spay surgery is after the June 30th deadline. Getting her licensed will cost us over double because she's not spayed yet.

We have her former "owners" to thank for that. 

Sadly, not every dog parent takes getting their fur-kids licensed seriously. But, they should. Here's a few reasons why.

1. It's the law. In most states, it's mandatory that all dogs be licensed. This is something you need to do every year. The cost in our state, I believe, is $8 per pup. That amount more than doubles if your pup isn't spayed or neutered. Still, that's a small price to pay in comparison to the hefty fine you'll have to pay if your pup isn't licensed. Fines run anywhere from $100 to $250 and over.

2. A dog license lets people know your fur-kid is up to date on rabies vaccinations. In order to get a dog license, you need proof that your fur-kid is up to date on vaccinations. With a license tag, people will be more willing to handle and care for your fur-kid if they should go missing.

3. If your fur-kid goes missing, a dog license will greatly increase the chances of a safe return home. Animal control officers can use the number on the dog license tag to track you down and contact you. In high kill shelters, licensed dogs are less apt to be euthanized after their stay period expires.

Those 3 reasons alone should be enough to motivate you to get your pups licensed. You've got 30 days. That's plenty of time.

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