Monday, March 6, 2017

Sipping Coffee And Hemming Newborn Pants At 7 In The Morning

When Lobo joined our family, it was late January of 2015. It was the day after major surgery to remove one of his hind legs and neutering. He had been rescued a few days prior from a nightmare and was pretty much on death's door. In addition to recovering from his surgery, we also had to contend with other issues. One of those issues was 75% hair loss due to a massive flea infestation before he was rescued. Lobo was also covered with scabs from where he dug into his skin to scratch. Lots of them.

Scabs itch. Lobo wanted to scratch his scabs. Unfortunately, at the time, the doctor couldn't prescribe him an anti-itch lotion because he was on a strong pain medications. Even though Lisa and I gently massaged him with our fingertips every couple of hours, that provided little relief.

The situation was urgent. His soft recovery cloud collar only went so far with preventing him from biting and scratching at the scabs.

We searched high and low for pup apparel that would cover his entire body securely. We came up empty handed. Then, out of the blue, Lisa grabbed her keys and, while rushing out, said, "I have an idea. I"ll be back."

An hour later, she returned home with a stack of newborn bodysuits (aka Onesies). They worked. Not only did they fit his body securely and comfortably, and cover his scabbed areas, the bodysuits were lightweight so his skin could breathe. Lobo didn't mind wearing them.

When his skin healed and his fur finally grew back in, we got rid of the bodysuits. We honestly didn't think we'd ever need this type of solution. Ever.

Until now. 

Willa is in heat. She'll bleed for the next week or so. We don't want to limit her freedom so we've purchased infant diapers. Our neighbor friend gave us a pack of puppy diapers. Or friend, Cindy, sent us pup pads and a cloth garment, very similar to the Female Pet Bloomers at Doctors Foster and Smith,  to hold them in place.

We instantly realized Willa wasn't used to wearing any type of garment. She did okay with the cloth garment, but not the diapers or pads.

She's a Jack Russel. She's very smart. Within a few hours she figured out how to remove the diaper without removing the cloth garment. We tried the pads. Same thing.

Lisa and I, almost instantaneously, thought of the bodysuits we used for Lobo. We measured Willa's body. Lisa wrote down the measurements and took a quick trip to Walmart for newborn bodysuits.

The bodysuits Lisa brought home were plenty big enough, but she still managed to pull off the diaper or pad. We resorted to eliminating the diapers and pads and opted for the bodysuit and cloth garment. Willa wasn't bleeding a lot. Just a spot here and there. The bodysuit would be sufficient along with the cloth garment.

Yesterday afternoon, it became evident that Willa did not like her entire body clothed. She managed to chew the front part of the bodysuit.

Lisa and I, once again, put our heads together to find a solution. What about newborn pants? Yes. This could work.

Lisa took a trip to Walmart and purchased a few pairs of newborn pants.

They fit, but on the overnight, when the pants inched down her little wiggly bum an inch or two, the length of the pants were too long.

Despite that, she didn't mind the pants at all.

This morning, at 7 a.m., there I was. At the kitchen table. Sipping coffee. Hemming newborn pants and converting the bodysuits into shorts.

Worked like a charm.


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