Thursday, March 30, 2017

My Project Biscuit Love Room Catastrophe

THIS happened earlier today while tackling a project in the Biscuit Love Room. By myself. Lisa was at work. I didn't tell her I was going to embark on this project. I made the decision on the overnight. I had a vision in my head of where I was going to move this and that. In order for the biscuit room to accommodate my new plans, I had to move stuff. It probably wasn't the smartest decision to do it alone, but...

To back up a bit...

Last fall when we adopted Olivia, our sweet lil' Guinea Pig, we set up her habitat in the home office. She's kept me company on the overnight and has been an absolute pleasure. We adore her.

For Olivia's bedding, we use a soft and absorbent paper bedding that we purchase at Petco. It's a little more expensive than traditional bedding, but it's soft and she loves it. We also make sure there's plenty of Timothy hay in her habitat.

Olivia is very vocal, she's got a big personality, and, at least once a day, she popcorns.

Popcorning is when a Guinea Pig runs back and forth while jumping up and down. She'll do this when she's in a playful mood or when I'm standing at her habitat with a fresh bowl of produce. 

Or, she likes to perch herself up on the door to her habitat.

In doing all of this, her bedding and Timothy hay gets on the floor.

I vacuum once a day, but if she popcorns or perches after I vacuum, there's bedding and Timothy hay on the floor.

It was never a problem with Coco, Sophie, and Lobo. They had no interest in the bedding or hay.


Willa does. And, that's not good. The type of bedding that we use for Olivia's habitat expands when wet. My fear was her eating enough to cause a blockage in her intestines.

She's a Jack Russell Terrier and her breed is known to chew on everything. In fact, we've gone to great strides to Willa Proof our home. 

On several occasions, I've caught her eating the bedding and hay from the floor. To try and eliminate the problem, I've been vacuuming the home office several times a day, but that didn't help much.

After discussing the situation with Lisa, it was decided that we had to do something immediately. It boiled down to 2 choices. The first, vacuuming the office floor 232 times a day. The second, relocating Olivia's habitat to the far end of the Biscuit Love Room.

That brings us to earlier today. Obviously I chose to relocate Olivia's habitat. In order to do so, I had to move most everything in the Biscuit Love Room.

I moved the first bookshelf without any issues.

The second bookshelf. Well, that didn't go so great.

The bottom half broke. I lost my balance. Fell backwards against the ironing board. The iron fell on my head. I sat on the floor for about 5 minutes. Lobo climbed on my lap and sat there gazing at me.

"Mom, are you okay?"

Shortly after, I sent Lisa a photo and text.

"I had an accident. I love you."

She called about 5 minutes later. I got the why-didn't-you-wait-for-me-to-help-you lecture.


It took almost an hour, a few bruises, a possible fractured toe, and twisting my back, but I fixed it. And, by fixed, I mean for as long as we live here, which is indefinitely, the Bodacious Biscuit Love Bin and damaged bookshelf cannot be moved.


About 2 hours later, Project Biscuit Love Room was done.

Mission accomplished.

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