Thursday, March 23, 2017

Lobo Peed On My Hoodie Because I Wouldn't Give Him Dove Chocolate

I ate 3 small pieces of Dove chocolate with my coffee this morning. Yep...PMS. Usually, when I indulge in something the kids can't have, I do it in private. However, my craving for chocolate during this month's PMS has been through the roof. I can't get enough. I opened the cupboard this morning to get a few crackers to eat before taking my vitamins. There it was. The bag of Dove chocolate. Lobo was at my feet. The bag of Dove chocolate was right there. Right. There. I caved. Big mistake.

Lobo started hopping around and making his "I want some, Mommy" noises. I told him no. I even went so far as to explain the dangers of chocolate. He didn't care. He wanted some.

He twirled around and got a little louder.

I told him no again. And again.

On the third NO, Lobo casually walked over to my hoodie. It was hanging on the kitchen chair down to the floor. He gave me THE LOOK, tilted his body, which is equivalent to him lifting his non-existent hind leg, and peed on my hoodie.


He. Peed. On. My. Hoodie.

From there, he went to the kitchen doggy bed, sat there, and sported a "Yep. I just peed on your hoodie. Watcha gonna do about it, Mommy O's?" expression.

Then, about a half hour later, he snubbed me when I tried to take his photo.

Are you serious?

I just stood there. Hands on my hips. Shaking my head and giggling.

A day in the life of a work at home Dog Mom...

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