Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Some People Have Way Too Much Time On Their Hands...

For the past couple of days, links to the voluntary recall of Evanger's Dog Food has been spreading like wildfire over various social media streams. In short, they're "recalling specific lots of their Hunk of Beef because of the potential contaminant Phenobarbital." You can read all about that here. In all fairness, I applaud Evanger's for being honest and thorough throughout their investigation. According to their website, this is their first recall in 82 years. Regardless, it's scary.

For over 4 years, we've been making homemade meals for our kids. And, for almost 4 years, that has included homemade dog treats as well. During this time, dozens of dog food and dog treat recalls have popped up on our radars. These recalls have been all over the charts. Cheap. Expensive. Everything between.

I've never been one to judge or criticize what pup parents feed their babies. Unfortunately, that same respect hasn't been extended to us. On occasion, I receive a message or email criticizing our choice to make homemade meals and treats for our kids. And, as I've connected with more pup parents who choose this path, I've learned this happens quite a bit.

People tend to assume that "homemade meals" translates to "table scraps." In other words, the presumption is we throw handfuls of what-ever-it-is-we-are-having-for-breakfast-or-dinner on the floor for our kids to eat.

That is beyond the furthest from the truth.

Before you assume anything, criticize, or, more shamefully, pass judgment, you should know a few things...

I spend the same amount of time, or sometimes more, preparing our kid's meals as I do ours.

Our weekly grocery shopping list includes fresh ingredients for our meals and our kid's meals and treats.

Their meals include lean meats, seafood, fresh seasonal produce, steamed vegetables, raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains, sweet potatoes, eggs, Greek yogurt, and a crushed daily multi-vitamin.

Their homemade dog treats very from week to week. This, along with fresh fruits and vegetables, is what they get in the afternoon and evening for their snacks.

We make a huge batch of their meals every other day. It's plenty to feed them breakfast and dinner the day we make it and to feed them the following day.

In addition to the cooked food, they also get an assortment of raw fruits and vegetables with their meals.

Our kids are healthy and have gotten a clean bill of health at their annual checkups.

They no longer have tummy issues.

The doctors our kids have been to approves of their diet.

Our kids love their meals and the different ways in which we cook their food. Steamed. Baked. Sauteed. Crock pot style. Grilled. Roasted. By rotating the cooking methods, it gives them a variety of textures.

It's a lot of work, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

We feel good about feeding our kids fresh meals and treats that we would eat too.

Yes, we eat the dog treats I make and taste test their meals. It's the same foods we eat so why not, right?

We don't have to worry about dog food and dog treat recalls.

On occasion, a dog parent suggests that we try this food or that.

"It's very expensive, but it's made with fresh meats, grains, fruits and vegetables. It's like a pate."

Thank you for the suggestion, but no thanks. Our kids get all of that and than some.

Best of all, it's made by us.

In our kitchen.

It's a shame that we've become a society who feels the need to find fault with everything. People have no respect for others and their choices. What's frustrating is most of these people fail to do research before dishing out their bullshit.

To those who do feel the need to criticize and pass judgment, you've got way too much time on your hands. Go volunteer at an animal shelter. Try your hand at being part of the solution...not the problem.

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