Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Lobo Has A New Favorite Spot. On My Desk. Between My Arms.

We made a few changes in the home office a few weeks ago. The biggest is that we moved Olivia's habitat to the other side of the room. At first, the kids were confused, especially Lobo. He's infatuated with Olivia and spends a lot of time watching her. Sophie pays no attention to Olivia. Coco, same thing except when Olivia makes her adorable squeaky noises. For about 2 days after we moved her, Lobo ran to where her habitat used to be. He'd look at us as if to say, "Where's my Olivia."

In the days to follow, he realized Olivia was on the other side of the room. He was relieved and continued to engage in his "Olivia Adventures." There was just one problem. Her habitat sits higher up. When Lobo sits in the middle of the room, he can no longer see Olivia. He's tried everything to catch glimpses of his sister, but nothing has worked.

For the past week, Lobo has been incessantly sitting at my feet, while I'm at my desk, and making his, "Pick me up, Mommy" noises.

Over and over and over.

When I pick him up, he turns his head around to look at Olivia.

The proverbial light bulb went off. Lobo didn't want me to pick him up because he wanted extra lovin' and snuggles. Nope. He figured it out. Lobo had the perfect viewing spot from my desk.

After holding Lobo for a few minutes, I put him on the love seat. It's on the same side of the home office as Olivia's habitat. For a while, this worked. Lobo perched himself up on the arm rest to have a good viewing area of Olivia.

However, if Olivia was laying down, Lobo wasn't able to see her. At first, this wasn't a problem. Lobo figured if Olivia was napping, he would take a little snooze too.

Eventually, Lobo decided he didn't want to nap at the same time Olivia did. He wanted to watch her nap. Now, when I put him on the love seat, he jumps down less than a minute later and is back at my feet.

"Mommy! Mommy! Pick me up!"

This happens at least 312 times a day. And, when his legs tire out from standing on my desk, he curls up between my arms and rests his head on my left arm.

While. I'm. Trying. To. Type.

I have a fairly large desk. If I relocated about 50% of my desk decor, I could easily make a perching zone for Lobo on the left side. It would need protective sides to prevent him from falling out.

It's doable.

I'm thinking this will have to be an upcoming DIY Dog Mom Project.

I'll keep you posted...

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