Friday, February 3, 2017

I Totally Forgot To Hate The Month Of February

For as long as I can remember, especially over the past decade, I've despised the month of February. It's so bad that I can feel the February Dread hit a week before it's actually here. It's cabin fever month. It's the crappy month between dead-of-winter-January and the month of March when spring officially begins. It's the month when Mother Nature doles out a decent sized snowstorm or two. Frigid temperatures. Ice. Snowbanks. The only shining light during the month of February is Valentine's Day. This year, something strange has happened...

It's already February 3rd and it's not sucking.

I didn't feel the dread a week in advance.

I'm not counting the days until March 1st.

In fact, I've completely forgotten about hating the entire month of February.

I'll even go a step further and say, I'm looking forward to it.

There's so much to do.

I've got projects lined up.

I'm in the process of launching a weekly up-for-grabs patchwork doggy quilt or two starting on March 1st.

I've got a ton of social stuff to catch up on for both blogs sites.

I need to start converting my sloppy notes into an actual book.

I also need to start going through my notes for new stuff to launch in the months ahead.

I want to expand on the variety of meals that we make and feed our kids.

I could probably work today through the end of the month, with no interruptions, and still not have everything done.

I think it's a matter of not having time to hate February. The cold. The snow. Ice. The attitude of, "It's been cold long enough. Time for spring. Hurry! Hurry!"

I hope my new mind frame continues. Even though I feel overwhelmed to the point where I don't know where to begin on my daily list o' stuff to do, it feels good not to have the burden of hating this month.

I'm taking notes for next year...

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