Monday, January 9, 2017

The Land Of Piggy Momhood Has Been An Interesting Journey

During the first week or so of November, our family got a little bit bigger. Sweet Olivia joined our family. In addition to being Dog Moms, we became Piggy Moms too. This was a first for us. It's been almost 2 months now and we have embraced every single moment.  As of late, I have received a few messages asking how our sweet Olivia is doing. Hands down, she is happy, healthy, loved, spoiled, and she has fit into our family just fine.

Entering the world of Piggy Momhood has been an interesting journey. We had basic piggy knowledge. Enough to know her living situation prior to the one here was inadequate and lacking.

I'll spare you the details.

That evening, a few hours after Olivia settled in and Lisa and the kids had gone to bed, I did research. Lots and lots of research. In the days and weeks ahead, we asked other Piggy Moms for some tips and advice. They were more than happy to chat with us and suggest products from bedding to food.

A few days after Olivia joined our family, we took her to the doctors for a nail trim and checkup. She wasn't thrilled, but her nails were overgrown and we were concerned about a growth on her foot. After examination, we were told to monitor the growth for any changes. Aside from that, Olivia was in good shape.

One of the biggest things I noticed over time is Olivia's eating habits. The day she joined our family, she gobbled up any food given to her. Produce. Honey sticks. Piggy food. Treats. Timothy hay. In my many hours of research, I came across a lot of Piggy Moms who claimed their piggy was a picky eater. At that point, I exhaled a sigh of relief. Olivia wasn't picky.

After about a week, I noticed she wasn't eating certain produce that she had once gobbled with gusto. And, she barely nibbled on the second honey stick. I almost panicked. Was she sick? Was she having tummy issues?

Nope. None of the above. No need to panic.

There was nothing wrong with her. Olivia had gotten to the point where she knew there would be no shortage of food. Olivia trusted us and knew she wouldn't have to go long periods of time without access to any type of food.

Olivia is fed at the same time as our other kids. She gets breakfast and dinner. That includes nutrient rich Guinea Pig food, fresh produce, and Timothy hay. Between those 2 meals, there are plenty of fresh, healthy snacks.

Now that Olivia had established that trust, if she didn't care for something, she'd leave it.

I wouldn't say that Olivia is picky. She just likes her food a certain way. For example, if I give her raw carrot coins or sliced carrot sticks, she won't touch 'em. However, if I break a carrot in half and put one of the halves in her habitat, she gobbles it up.

Yeah. Little. Miss. Diva.

Overall, Olivia has adjusted. She's an absolute joy. She loves to be held and one of her favorite spots is on my desk. She has a curious mind. None of the noises in her environment, such as the kids barking or the vacuum cleaner, seem to bother her. Olivia is very vocal and she'll let us know when she's ready for a snack or snuggle.

Oh, and she doesn't like the camera. I'm certain that Sophie has given Olivia lessons on how to give THE LOOK when I take out my camera.

Our kids have gotten used to having a new sister. Coco will bark once in a while when Olivia popcorns or sings the song of her peoples. Sophie doesn't pay much attention to her, but will sit in front of her habitat and observe on occasion. Lobo is the most captivated by Olivia. He'll spend hours in the home office being entertained by her every move and sound.

In the next month or so, we'd like to buy Olivia a bigger habitat. The one she has now is...meh. It's the piggy habitat we purchased on a whim, shortly before Petco closed for the night, because her original habitat was a crumbling glass aquarium. I've been shopping around and there's a few possibilities.

We all love and adore sweet Olivia. Like with our other 3 kids, it was meant to be. The universe did a lil' shimmy shake. Fate stepped in. We are now a family of 6.

We're proud Dog and Piggy Moms.

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