Saturday, November 5, 2016

Here's Why I Don't Post A Lot Of Outdoor Photos

I post quite a few photos of our kids on various social media feeds, especially Facebook. About 95% of those photos are taken indoors. On occasion, people will ask why I don't post more outdoor photos of the kids. Truth is, I try. Most days I take my camera outside. Despite my efforts and patience, it's 'bout near impossible to capture picturesque outdoor photos. Most of the time they're distracted by rustling leaves, noises amid the neighborhood, or a squirrel farting. If none of those distractions are present, other stuff happens.

Lobo starts his bum sniffin' rounds.

I get THE LOOK from Sophie.

There's lots of poopin' and peeing to do. This photo was taken seconds after Coco peed on the lilac bush.

They all have to sniff for a game of "who peed on Mom's lilac bush." Meanwhile, Coco starts his rounds of bum sniffin'.

Lobo refused to look at me. Instead, I get a photo of his puffy, wiggly bum.

And just when I think I'm going to capture a decent outdoor photo...nope.

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