Sunday, October 23, 2016

Our Home Is A Throw Blanket Haven

About a month ago, we picked up a few large throw blankets at Kohl's. Their Big One blankets were 75% off and they had pup prints available. These blankets are close to being twin-bed-sized. And they're super soft. Butter soft. I'm a sucker for throw blankets. I love 'em. The kids love 'em. Lisa does too, but she'll roll her eyes and say, "What are we up to now...over 100?"

Okay. She's exaggerating. To date, between the bedroom, home office, and living room, there are close to 30 throw blankets available for us and the kids.

We share.

I use throw blankets during the summer months. So do the kids. We get cold easily. The 2 air conditioners that run most of the time during the summer give us the chills.

Lisa, on the other hand, will break out in a sweat. She wants nothing to do with blankets during the summer months.

When the cold weather months are upon us, Lisa will use throw blankets. However, most of the time, she still wears shorts and tees in the house.

Meanwhile, the kids and I are buried under several throw blankets.

It's a standing joke.

Despite our polar-opposite body temperatures and tolerance for chilly temperatures, the throw blankets are always available.

There's no such thing as too many throw blankets.

And, I will continue to purchase them.

Lisa will continue to roll her eyes as a "I SO love you" smile forms at the corner of her mouth.


Our home is a throw blanket haven.

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