Friday, August 5, 2016

Instead Of Doing Housework, I Ate Couscous And Watched Chick Flicks With The Kids

Lisa's vacation officially started today. The moment she woke up this morning, she was in vacation mode and started counting down the hours until it was time to leave work. The kids could tell something big, new, and different was about to happen. They were restless. Coco couldn't decide where he wanted to nap. Sophie was glued to my side the entire morning and afternoon. Lobo didn't drag any shoes to the pet pillows or beds. It's as if they knew once Mama got home, she'd be home for a while.

I celebrated the occasion and countdown by whipping up some Mojitos. My efforts throughout the week to get most of my work done had shattered. I'm on the tail end freelance project that occupied most of my week. I have two more lengthy articles to produce for that. I've fallen behind on blog and social stuff, creating new dog treat recipes, DIY Dog Mom projects, and housework. However, my mind frame was, "It is what it is." I don't get vacations or days off.

My dire need for a break away from the desk trumped my mile-high virtual pile of work. That could wait. I was focused on getting Summer cleaning done. I am already a month behind.

The plans were to get Summer cleaning done this afternoon and evening. Lisa was heading to a baseball game with our neighbor friends around 7. I don't like sports. Watching sports is not my thing. I was like, "Go. Have fun. Adios. I love you." She was more than happy to comply.

Shortly after Lisa arrived home from work, we visited another neighbor friend of ours who ended up going to the baseball game as well. I whipped up a batch of Mojitos, filled 2 mason jars, and the 3 of us sat outside chatting. Our neighbor friend and I sipped a couple of Mojitos. About an hour later, I shared more Mojitos with the other neighbor friend who was going to the baseball game.

Lisa left for the game around 7. On this end, the music was turned up. I was going to get my groove on while doing housework and cleaning the carpets.

I asked Lisa to leave the power drill out before she left for the baseball game. She just kinda gave me the look, but didn't say anything. Panic, maybe? Mojitos. Tunes. A not-so-graceful girly. Power drill. What could possibly go wrong?

About an hour into my housework, music, and Mojito fest, I discovered that Lisa's first attempt at fixing the carpet cleaner failed. I wasn't happy. In fact, I was frustrated to the point of tears. I wanted to get the carpets cleaned tonight. I needed to get the carpets cleaned tonight in order to salvage my crumbling schedule.


In order to think about what I was going to do next, I had to shift my focus. That's when I grabbed the power drill and hung 4 framed items that had been leaning up against the wall for weeks. Success! No injuries. No unnecessary holes in the wall. Mission accomplished.

I tried using the carpet cleaner again. Nope. Still wasn't working. The frustration brewed and bubbled. I sat at my desk. Sipped the last of my Mojito. The kids eventually found their way into the home office. They sat at my feet. It's as if they were sensing my frustration. I was on the verge of tears.

I got down on the floor with the kids. All 3 of them tried getting on my lap. They were playful and wanted my full attention. How could I possibly resist those sweet faces, juicy kisses, and the need for my undivided attention?

I put everything away. I made a cup of coffee and some couscous with fresh tomatoes. I looked through our collection of movies and picked out 2 chick flicks. I got all situated on the sofa. All of the kids joined me. I shared my couscous and tomatoes. Once dinner was done, the kids found their comfy spots on the sofa.

This was the scene until Lisa got home around 10:30. I was into my second movie by then. She sat and watched the rest of it with us. Shortly before midnight I tucked everyone in. Got a little work done. Revised my weekend schedule. Checked updates on the weather for the coming week.


Tomorrow is a new day.

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