Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Few Doubts And Boozy Fruit

Lisa's vacation is over. It's the weekend. At one point, or maybe several, I sat on the sofa or at my desk or at the kitchen table and just glared at whatever was in front of me. Where did the time go? What happened? Our plans were to have no plans and embrace the fine art of spontaneity. In other words, each day we were going to simply just do something. Out of the blue. Out of the ordinary. Maybe walk the beach after dinner. Grab an ice cream at 8 p.m. Attend a wedding party for a couple of hours that we had been invited to. Or, play Skee-Ball on vintage machines until we lost feeling in our right arm.

Between the drastic weather changes this week, storms, the extreme and record breaking heatwave, the lights flickering and power dimming, power outages, completing the tail end of a month-long freelance project on Wednesday, baking biscuit love, and one other thing that didn't do as planned, our week of no plans didn't exactly happen.

How is that even possible? No plans. Total spontaneity. Didn't happen. 

We're in the same boat today. We had a friend over for dinner. The original plan was to fire up the grill, make kabobs and a few other dishes, light a fire in the pit, roast marshmallows, drink wine, and enjoy a summer evening outdoors.

Nope. Didn't happen. 

What did happen was I whipped up another summer pie. Made a batch of my crockpot beans. Threw together a marinated kielbasa vegetable salad. And, made Lisa's birthday cheesecake at midnight.

Thankfully, the cheesecake was done baking around 1:30. At half hour later, we lost power for about a minute. I'm not complaining. A minute is better than hours.

Our dinner wasn't diminished by the weather or change of plans. We had an exceptionally wonderful time. Great food. Lots of Sangria. Laughs. Interesting stories. Intriguing conversation.

After our friend left, I sat at the table while Lisa finished with cleanup. And, again, I was kind of in my own world. Eventually Lisa asked what was wrong.

"Did you have a really great vacation? I feel as if it could have been better?"

"I had an amazing vacation. I was home all week with my wife and family. We got a lot of stuff done around the house that we normally don't have time for. We had some neighbor friends over that we wanted to have over, but didn't because of work schedules. We had lots of family time. I got a new TV. Your cheesecake was the best yet. What more could I ask for?"

I exhaled while sipping the last of my Sangria and munching on the boozy fruit at the bottom of my mason jar.

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