Saturday, July 2, 2016

We Spent Over 20 Minutes Picking Out Collars For The Kids

On Thursday, Lisa and I ran our errands. Grocery shopping. An impromptu trip to Home Depot to buy supplies for our next DIY Dog Mom Project. And, we made a stop at Pet Valu in Norwich. The weekend before and after Fourth of July is hard on our kids. We wanted to stock up on Bully Sticks and antlers. They love 'em and it distracts them a bit from the noises.

While there, we checked out the collars. They needed new ones. Coco's collar was about 3 years old. Sophie's collar was purchased a few days after we brought her home over 2 years ago. We bought Lobo's collar back in March of 2015.

Lisa and I spent over 20 minutes picking out collars. And, if you could have witnessed the process, you would have been seriously entertained.

We picked out Coco's collar first. We narrowed it down to 3. We had originally had another one in our hand, but after choosing Lobo's, we knew one of the colors in Lobo's collar had to match Coco's.

We put our first choice back and opted for our second choice.

Lobo mimics his brother. They've got a special bond. One color had to match in both of the collars.We were convinced that if they didn't, Lobo wouldn't like his collar.

Sophie's collar was a bit more difficult. She's not a "pink princess" kind of kid. Sophie is a mix of girly and a bit of brute. She keeps her brothers in line. She likes her space at times. She burps out loud. Yet, she has some girly pup qualities.

This translates to no pink, no frilly stuff and no bling. She leans more towards various shades of lilac and turquoise.

But, we couldn't get turquoise because that was the 2 colors that matched up in the collars for Coco and Lobo.

We found the perfect collar for her. Two shades of turquoise. Not too girly and totally different from her brothers.


Over 20 minutes.

Not only were the employees there super awesome, but they were amused.

We spent a small fortune, but it was all worth it. The kids have new collars and Bully Sticks and antlers.

Happy babies.

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