Sunday, July 3, 2016

My Entire Day Was Planned. A Flawless Day. Or, So I Thought.

It's almost midnight and I'm having a nightcap. This morning, I had my entire day planned out. A flawless day. It's Sunday. The middle of a 3 day holiday weekend. My plans were to tackle some work stuff, write a blog post and get ready to have our beautiful friend over for dinner. I had lemon cakes in the oven. White chocolate slowly melting. Homemade bread rising on top of the stove. I exhaled too soon. Lisa ran a quick errand and came home with a worried stricken face. From that point on, things didn't exactly go as planned.

I asked what was wrong. She lets me know about an urgent situation with 2 pups. After relaying the story, I bagged up biscuit love and Lisa rushed to the store to buy dog food. She made the delivery to the recipient and got contact information. Once home, I followed protocol and reached out to the proper authorities who, without hesitation, took over.

Then, within the hour, I get a photo of something I had custom ordered weeks ago, and had forgotten about, from 2 exceptionally talented ladies. I was speechless and that doesn't happen often. I call them because sending a message expressing my gratitude simply won't do.

The. Clock. Is. Ticking.

The lemon cakes were cooling. I hand-dipped over 2 dozen strawberries in white chocolate followed by a dip in blue sugar crystals. The bread was still rising. While Lisa took a shower, I got a few odds and ends done.

I just stepped out of the shower when our company arrived for dinner. I hadn't eaten all day. I was thirsty. Hungry. For a minute or two, I felt like a complete failure. Unsightly. Sloppy bun. My clothes didn't match.

However, as the evening rolled along, I realized...this is the goodness. The greatness. My tribe. The people who don't give a shit if my wet hair is still sticking to my face. The people who don't notice if I put on a bra. Or, the people who read my long winded messages and immediately reply putting my mind at ease.

Dinner was fabulous. I made cocktails. We had an incredible time. Great conversation. Lots of laughs. Much needed all the way around.

Shortly after our friend went home, the Fourth of July noises sounded. For the next hour or so I held Sophie in my arms. She was shaking something fierce. Lisa did her best to calm Coco and Lobo.

Around 11 p.m., Lisa and the kids went to bed. I'm now sitting at my desk, listening to my ear buds, indulging in a night cap. I'm reflecting on the past 12 hours.

Nothing ever goes as planned.

That's okay.

The people in my life know that. They don't care.

They're the ones who see beyond my f*cked up schedule. My tattered and disheveled appearance. My unedited messages. The jumbled words that come out of my mouth. My tangled hair.

All of it.

You know, the crap that happens at the last minute or unexpected.

They see beyond my chaos.

They see all the parts of me that kind of aren't pretty.

I raise my night cap glass to them.

Thank you.

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