Monday, July 11, 2016

Today We Delivered A Little Sweet And Scrumptious Gratitude

I made cupcakes today for 3 reasons. The first, to commemorate our 4 year anniversary of living in our home. The second, to extend some sweet gratitude to some of our neighbors who have become friends and family to us. The third, 2 of these neighbors are leaving tomorrow and won't be back until the weekend. That's right. The cupcakes I had planned on making tomorrow ended up getting baked and distributed today.

I forgot 2 of our friendly neighbors are leaving tomorrow...the actual date of our 4 year anniversary. I wanted them to have cupcakes before they left. I processed all of this shortly before noon.


I ran to the kitchen, whipped open the backing cupboards, scanned ingredients and calculated what I needed versus what I had.

There was enough.

And, I had exactly 2 cups of flour. That's all I needed.

The end result? Homemade Summer Berry Cupcakes with fresh buttercream frosting, blueberries for garnish and a drizzle of really great chocolate.

I made the "thank you" garnishes.

Not bad.

As quoted on my personal Facebook page...

Four years ago today, Lisa and I were packing boxes and bags. The following morning, amid a miserable heatwave, we loaded everything into the U-Haul and moved into our home.

Since then, a few of our neighbors have become close friends and family. Our tribe. So, today, we're extending some sweet gratitude to those people and to celebrate the past 4 years...and to many more!

We are so grateful for our wonderful home and the incredible people who surround us. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. The many laughs. Dinners. Drinks. Adoring our fur-kids. The memories made. Giant marshmallows. Helping out with yard sales. Remembering our special days. Celebrating life. Trusting us with your fur-babies. The stick of butter or cup of sugar when I have a total dork moment. The list goes on.

Most of all, thank you for being YOU. You all are a part of what makes our home so incredible, warm, and charming. Mwah!

Scrumptious gratitude.

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