Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We Raised Our Glasses To Four Years And Many More!

Today we're celebrating 4 incredible years in our home. Yesterday, we delivered homemade cupcakes to some of our neighbors who, over the years, have become friends and family. After Lisa mowed the lawn this afternoon, we enjoyed takeout pizza. We always have pizza on July 12th to honor the meal we ate in the U-Haul 4 years ago. We were sweaty. Stinky. Dirty. That was after 8 hours of loading everything into the U-Haul during a miserable heatwave.

Over dinner this evening, we talked and laughed about that day...4 years ago. Of course, we didn't think it was too funny back then, but now...yeah. We did it. We got through it. We worked together.

Both of us were almost on the verge of passing out when we pulled into the parking lot to get iced coffees and pizza. Lisa ran into the pizza place to order. I went into Cumberland Farms to grab iced coffees and Gatorade. She met me in there. People stared at us. We didn't care. We knew we stunk to the high heavens.

Once our pizza was ready, we climbed back into the U-Haul truck, sucked down quite a bit of iced coffee, put the pizza box between us, and we ate with gusto...dirty hands and all.

It was one of the best meals I've ever eaten.

For us, the day was only half over. We still had to unload everything, bring the U-Haul back, pick up our car, drive back to the house, and start the tedious task of unpacking.

Sweet memories.

The beginning of something great.

The universe put us exactly where we were meant to be.

We're still here.

And, we have no plans on leaving.

As Lisa and I finished our dinner this evening, we gave thanks for the many blessing over the past 4 years.

We raised our glasses.

To many more....

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