Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Random Rant: Someday, You're Going To Get Old Too

I got angry this evening. Really, really angry. The kind of anger that makes me pace around the house doing angry housework while I rant and rave...arms flying everywhere because I talk with my hands. I try not to get angry at the stuff I read online or across on my social media streams. After almost a decade of working in the virtual world, you'd think I would be desensitized. Nope. Tonight was proof. I saw a post on Facebook and I got angry.

The post was from a woman on my friend list. Her post, and I quote, ""Anyone want to give (dog's name) a loving home. I don't have enough time for her." That was it. People responded. In one of her replies, and again I quote, she said, "She is a sweet dog. Lovable lap dog. I just don't have time for her with my job and my business. I'm never going to be home starting next week."

Just. Like. That. 

Of course, I replied.

Almost immediately after I replied, I was no longer able to see the post. She either blocked me or took the post down.

I was angry. Not because I could no longer see the post. The anger bubbled up because this is the third time this month I have seen a post like this from various individuals on my list o' friends.

The first post was a few weeks ago. A woman, who appears to have a lucrative career in the realtor business, wrote a lengthy post about wanting to rehome her 12 year old pup. The kicker was that she had the pup since it was 8 or 12 weeks old. After reading the post, I was furious. The reason why she wanted to rehome her pup is because she didn't have the time to care for a senior pup.

Are you kidding me?

Yes, I replied. No, I didn't take a screenshot. My reply was lengthy, I didn't sugarcoat anything, and, within the hour, my post was deleted and I was taken off her friend's list.

The second post was a little over a week ago. Same thing. A couple got a puppy for their child. The puppy grew up. The child lost interest. The parents didn't want to take care of the pup. I responded. Candid, as always. Once again, I was removed from their friend's list.

Notice the pattern here?

Then, tonight, I read the post I mentioned earlier. It made me angry. I wanted to cry. I don't get it. How can people dispose of their fur-kids because they no longer have time? Maybe using the word "fur-kids" is too generous. If you can dispose of your "fur-kid" after 12 years, or 5 years or 2 years, or when life gets too busy, I'm thinking, to them, it's "just a dog."

I can't even begin to imagine giving our kids away because life got too busy or there was a job opportunity that would require too much of our time. If someone offered me a job tomorrow with all the perks and a six-figure income, but the catch was I had to travel and be away from home most of the time, I wouldn't take it. I wouldn't hesitate when saying, "No."

When Lisa and I adopted each of our kids, we made a commitment to them. That commitment is a lifetime one. There's no fine print that relinquishes us from that if something comes up like a new job, new home, if one of the kids falls sick, gets old or their mobility falters. The commitment we made is unconditional. If Lobo loses mobility in his single hind leg and we have to carry him or get him wheels. so be it. If Coco's floating kneecap progresses, we'll do whatever it takes to fix it and assist with his mobility. If Sophie's eyesight fades away in her senior years, we'll help her find her way around.

That's just the way it is.

Tonight, while pacing and doing housework and ranting on and on and on, I noticed all 3 of our kids were on the bed. Coco and Lobo were chewing their bones. Sophie was curled up under one of her favorite throw blankets. Her tiny head was peeking out.

I stopped what I was doing and curled up with them. I talked to them. I told them how much Lisa and I love them and they never had to worry about being abandoned or disposed of.

We're a family. They're our kids. We're their Mommies. We will always love and take care of them no matter what.

To those who do otherwise and dispose of their "dogs" because they don't have time or can't be do have time. You just don't want to take the time. And, you suck. Just remember, Karma is always watching. She has no expiration date. Someday, you're going to get old too.

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