Monday, July 25, 2016

Lisa Will Be Home For Nine Days. Nine. Whole. Days.

Last month, Lisa put in for a week long vacation in August. Although she gets 3 weeks paid vacation a year, she hasn't taken a full week off since our wedding 4 years ago. This was before we adopted Coco. During those 4 years, she takes a vacation day or two, here and there, paired up with a weekend. Or, she uses vacation days for celebratory occasions like birthdays or our anniversary.

Her vacation was approved. Since then, we've thrown jokes back and forth about her being home for 9 days.

Nine. Whole. Days.

Put aside the jokes, I'm genuinely happy that she took a week off and will be home with us. We enjoy each others company immensely and we always have fun whether we're grocery shopping or taking a few hours of doing a fun activity outside of the home. The kids love it when she's home too.

However, since this is her first lengthy vacation since adopting all 3 of our kids, it'll be interesting.
Despite the occasional rowdy disorder, sleep deprivation, and the general chaos of having 3 kids, we do have a schedule. Actually, we have 2 schedules. The Monday through Friday and the weekend schedule.

Our kids, without prompt, religiously follow this schedule. They nap at the same time during the day. They know when it's playtime. They know when it's mealtime during the week and on the weekends. If I'm late giving them afternoon snack, they let me know. When the clock strikes 9 p.m., they're ready for bed. If Lisa goes to bed later, the kids get cranky.

Yes, they know the difference between the weekend schedule, weekday schedule, and when Lisa has an extra day or two off.

This will be the first time they experience the week long vacation schedule. This will be the first time I experience the week long vacation schedule too. The week she took off for our wedding, we were busy with travel, preparations, the wedding, etc.

Life has changed drastically in those 4 years.

We have 3 kids. My career has shifted. I write more. Everyday. I need quiet.

The kids have a schedule. I have a schedule during the day while Lisa is at work. Yes, it can change from day to day, but I do certain things on certain days. The times in which I get this stuff done may vary, but it gets done.

Most days.

Last night, during dinner, Lisa asked, "I know you're happy that I'll be off for a week, but I know it'll be challenging at times and you'll have to adjust your schedule. What can I do to make it easier?"

I thought about that for a bit while sharing my garden fresh green beans with the kids.

Make sure my wine is fully stocked at all times.

Don't be offended if I shut the office door for an hour or two. 

Get up at the same time you do on the weekend.

Make sure the sofa cover is on properly, at some point during the morning hours, and fold the throw blankets. 

Give me some ideas of fun activities you'd like to do that week. 

Spend lots of time with the kids. They miss you during the day when you're at work. 

Spend lots of time with me. I miss you too when you're at work all day.

Cook dinner with me. We always have fun in the kitchen.

Have fun. Relax. Enjoy. 

I will too. With you. With the kids.

Did I mention about keeping the wine stocked?

I'm counting the days.

We're all excited.

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