Friday, June 10, 2016

The Company And Juicy Kisses Trumps All

The first week of last July, we took everything out of the home office, rearranged the wall decor, shuffled the 2 desks and large bookcase around, and made room for a love seat that had belonged to our Grammy. The home office is the largest of the 3 bedrooms. We had plenty of room. Originally, we had put my desk facing the wall, but a few months later, we moved it so it's now facing the door.

I absolutely cannot handle my desk facing the wall for any length of time.

I have this weird idiosyncrasy where I like to move stuff around once or twice a year. I don't know why. I've always had it. I'm 42. It's useless to figure it out now. It is what it is. I know it probably drives Lisa nuts...although she's never said anything.

As of late, I've had the urge to move the loves seat to another room. The home office, where I spend a great deal of time, is feeling too congested. Or, it simply needs to be moved around, but if we move it around, the wall decor will have to be moved too and that's a royal pain in the ass.

Not to mention...the love seat will not fit in any other room unless we make some major room changes. 

For the past week, moving the love seat has weighed heavy on my brain. It's almost at the point of being a distraction. I find myself mentally rearranging rooms. It doesn't matter if I'm sitting at my desk or on the sofa. I look up and fixate on every piece of furniture. I've drafted several possibilities in my head. Most won't work. A few would, but it would involve a lot of work.

Then, this afternoon, while sitting at my desk tackling some work, Coco waltzed in the office and jumped on the love seat. He sprawled out and watched me. It was obvious he had decided to take his afternoon nap on the love seat.

I love the company.

Within an hour, I got up from my desk to rub his belly, massage his back and give him kisses. He returned the favor by giving me lots of juicy kisses. His tongue lapped my face and glasses. Eventually my glasses were blurred with the remnants of dried slurpy kisses.

All of this made me think of the many times a week our kids lounge on the love seat to nap. Or, when Lisa arrives home from work and this is the scene.

And, this is exactly the reason why our home office will remain as it is. The love seat will stay where it's at.

The company, juicy kisses, and the above photo trumps all.

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